Day: June 4, 2021


Unique Anniversary Gifts – Why to Give an Alpaca Silver Serving Platter As an Anniversary Gift

It’s that time of year again, it’s anniversary time. Now, I am sure you are not one of those simple folk who just want to give those typical gift by the anniversary year. I bet you want to give one of the most unique anniversary gifts that you have ever given in your life. The […]

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My First Confession of Love

I was in love–actually what people call puppy dog love–and it was unrequited. I went past my shyness and told her exactly what she meant to me, but that wasn’t enough. Actually, there’s more to this story. Let me start from the beginning. The first day of the new school year began with Algebra II […]

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Teach Your Children and Siblings How to Make Wise Choices Rather Than Choosing Spouses For Them

In the olden days, parents, extended family and older siblings chose spouses for their children and younger siblings. With modernity exploding on us, many cultures of the advanced West have stopped choosing spouses for their children and siblings. In most African countries generally and Nigeria in particular, choosing spouses for grown up children and younger […]

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