Day: June 16, 2021


What to Say If Told I Love You and You Don’t Feel the Same Way

You know that awkward moment when he says he loves you and unfortunately you don’t feel the same way? You get tongue-tied and overwhelmed by feelings of confusion as you look for a way out of the moment without embarrassing or hurting yourself and him. Is there a way to react that would leave you […]

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The Ring – The Ultimate Wedding Symbol

The wedding ring is used as a symbol for eternal union between husband and wife and while it is actually a modern thing for men, it was given to women for centuries now. The origin of wearing wedding rings for men may have started during the Second World War where soldiers would wear rings to […]

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Remember the Small Acts of Kindness

Earlier this week the world mourned the loss of a great innovator in Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs turned a company, Apple, that was struggling into a world leader in technology and arguably one of the most recognized and sought after brands in the world. Now, this weekend the sports world is once again mourning the […]

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