Can Your Partner Be Trusted?

The main factor for any relationship is trust. Without trust, it becomes really hard to rely on your partner and even to be loyal to them yourselves-there’s nothing left if there’s no trust. And even though you may try hard to put your trust in your partner, suspicions can grow and escalate into misunderstandings. You might find yourself asking: is he really loyal to me? Is she seeing someone else behind my back? Is he cheating on me?

Remember, when you’ve started to suspect, you’ve already put a crack in your relationship. Scientific research shows that women are much more likely than men to know if they’re being cheated on, but that doesn’t make one’s suspicion any more valid. However, if you’re unable to put your suspicions to rest, which is the predicament in most cases, then you might as well satiate your curiosity. You should remember though, that even if you find out that your partner is not cheating on you, you might lose your partner in the process of finding out. So when you begin checking for signs of cheating, you’ve declared to yourself that this is broken, though it might not be fixed.

To justify your paranoia, you’ll need to see if your partner has sufficient time for cheating. If your partner works from nine to five and is with you by six or even seven, it’s ridiculous to presume they might be cheating on you. At the same time, there’s no certainty that they don’t take off early from work, or consume their lunch breaks, so if you must, you can give your partner a surprise visit at the office, in a very nonchalant manner. Without sounding suspicious or obtrusive, you can pretend you just felt like meeting them. You should also schedule these surprise visits near the time you suspect he can possibly sneak out. Their queasiness and uneasiness can give away a lot of information.

More explicit cues include your partner’s reduced interest in you, both emotionally and sexually, though in older men it may also be due to erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is common in middle-aged men and can affect them psychologically as well, which is why they might prefer to be at a distance from their spouses. This is often confused with signs of being cheated on, but nevertheless it is a plausible situation. All in all, suspicion can easily turn normal explanations into gruesome ones, but if you are certain your partner is cheating on you, you should never let yourself be used and abused in such a manner, and take the necessary steps to walk away from such a person.