Homemade Anniversary Card Ideas

Having an anniversary soon? Searching for Homemade anniversary cards and ideas?

When I think of anniversary, first thought it should always come from the heart! If your making it for your partner only you know them best!If your making it for someone else you only know of them and who they are… Keeping that in mind I’m sure you’ll come up with homemade anniversary cards and verses for all sorts of occasions.

The great thing about an anniversary is that it can be anything… It can be made for all sorts of different dates.It doesn’t have to be date of marriage or anything like that. For instance it could be after a 6 month period instead of a year.

I always like to celebrate the day we first hooked up as our official anniversary and including little dates like remember today was the first day we moved into our new home? I love my partner and I like to see everyday as an anniversary because it is a new day spent together!

Think of where you’d be without one another?

Don’t feel confined to brainstorming all these card ideas just for weddings, there are other dates that make it special dates that are meaningful. After all it would not be meaningful if we didn’t want to relive those special moments!

Here are some anniversary inspirations for your anniversary cards:

1. Use, Remember when we…

* first time you made love

* First photo together

* A first dinner

* If you knew each other before?

* A first trip

* First movie

* Something funny

you could incorporate it on the front of your anniversary cards with the date in decorative fonts and write these, remember when or it’s the little things about you…, in the inside of your cards…

For example: I love to use the beach, where we first met! you can use beach shells and sand with footprints or holding hands…or draw a heart in the sand and take a photo of it!

For other couples or parents anniversaries emphasize…

* All the good times you know of them

* Times spent together as friends or families

* Values & qualities they both shared

Use all these ideas to create unique homemade anniversary cards for other people in your life.