Unique Anniversary Gifts – Learn What Anniversary By Year Gifts Are and How They Are Not Unique

Do you know where not to find unique anniversary gifts? I am sure somewhere, you have one of those catalogs with little trinket gifts in them. We have all had 1 or 2 lying around somewhere at one point in time. I am talking about the ones that say you MUST buy a certain anniversary gift depending on what year it is.

In these catalogs it basically tells you that you must buy a specific kind of gift depending on what anniversary year it was. How lame is that really? Sure, if you are lazy and just don’t really care, I think it would be best if you didn’t buy a gift at all in that case.

This next list may seem pretty familiar to you:

Year 1:

Traditionally – Paper

Currently – plastic or a clock

Year 2:

Traditionally – Cotton

Currently – Cotton or china

Year 3:

Traditionally – Leather

Currently – Crystal / Glass

Year 4:

Traditionally – Flowers

Currently – Linen / Silk

Year 5

Traditionally – Wood

Currently – Silverware

This is basically what the first 5 years of one of those catalogs will show you. Seriously, Is this the kind of things you want to give as an anniversary gift? Yeah, I thought not. This is plain, boring, and just totally unoriginal.

It’s time to step up to the plate, and really wow people with unique anniversary gifts. Get something totally out of character, totally out of style with tradition. Throw Tradition right out the window, and do something grand.

So get rid of those boring, uninspired catalogs, and get something unique and original. Something with style and imagination, something hand crafted. Yes hand crafted. This is one of the best places you can get something that is going to be totally original, totally unique, and so totally inspiring.

So, decided now, are you going to be like the rest of them, and get a gift that was put together by uncreative, and uninspired people? Or are you going to look for something that no one else is going to have, something that will cry out original, and unique? Yes, be smart, be one of the ones who gives unique anniversary gifts, be remembered for it.