How to Get a Date With Every Woman You Want?

Focus on your strengths

It’s common to only highlight a woman’s good points and minimizing or ignoring imperfection. It makes sense to do the same with yourself. Identify what makes you an attractive person, because you have to know the reasons why a woman would like you before anyone else.

Build your network

Meeting new people is very important when looking for a date. Try to make new friends at every opportunity possible and join every social activity you can. The easiest way to meet new women is to get introduced by mutual friends. Do not focus on the kind of results you want to achieve but rather on initiating conversations. If you liked the conversation ask to see her again, ask her number or get in touch on Facebook.

Be prepared to do what it takes

Be prepared to approach a woman and ask her out on date. Every time you visit new places look for opportunities.

Give the first signs

The best way to attract the woman’s interest is by smiling at her. If she smiles back she might want you to come to talk to her. Establish a friendship and give her some time to get know you. This friendship allows her to become familiar with you and feel safe hanging out with you.

Women like assertive guys

Asking a woman out is like an interview for a job but less serious. It’s not the end if she doesn’t want to go on a date, because there are plenty of fish in the ocean for you to discover. But if you want to increase your chances: Get creative with ideas to win her heart. Studies have shown that women are more likely to go out on a date with you if you ask on a creative way.

How to ask a woman for a date?

There are two ways to ask a woman out for a date: directly or indirectly. An Indirect suggestion would be: “My friends and I are going to a nightclub, would you like to join us”. Directly: Would you like to get a drink with me tonight? It doesn’t matter how you ask it, but al ways be confident about it. Show that you truly mean it on a subtly way.” Hey I really liked talking with you, might it be an idea to continue our conversation soon”? Asking her for phone number or Facebook.

Good luck! You can do it