A Budget Friendly Engagement

Engagement is an exciting time for most couples. It is the promise of marriage and a life together. Engagements can be short or long, depending on the couple’s preference. Some people get engaged and plan for a huge wedding with all the special details, while some people get engaged and sneak away and get married just days or weeks later. Many men plan for months on how to propose, while some decide on the drop of a hat.

Proposals can be very romantic. Often men will pick their favorite restaurant or plan a nice trip and surprise their future wife with a proposal. One common problem the average man runs in to is finding the perfect ring and being able to afford it. Since they want everything to be perfect for the special day, they sometimes stress, but if they know they are proposing to the right person, there is no reason to stress. Engagements do not have to be an expensive formal affair. Some of the most romantic proposals are simple and from the heart. If you want to propose and are working on a budget, no problem. There are plenty of affordable rings to choose from. Explain your budget to the jewelry clerk and they will help you find the perfect ring in your price range. For the actually proposal, focus on doing something that will show your girlfriend how much you love her. It does not have to be expensive; it just has to be special and unique to the two of you. Take a walk to the park or a lake at sunset. Write a love letter or make a special dinner. It is most important that your girlfriend and future wife remembers the proposal as special and heartfelt.

After the proposal comes the wedding planning. Wedding planning can be stressful or very simple depending on the type of wedding you want and the budget you are working with. Make sure to focus on what you want as a couple. Planning a wedding can sometimes be difficult, since many family members will have suggestions or people they would like you to invite. Work with them the best you can, but remember this is your wedding day and it should be special to you and your wife. Family members mean well, but if they start to put too much stress on the process, do not be afraid to sit them down for a calm discussion about the wedding plans. If you want to have a small private ceremony at your favorite bed and breakfast, go ahead, or a huge party with a lot of people, then do that. It is your day.

An engagement is a promise to marry and a very exciting time for couples. Remember to look forward to the wedding, but enjoy your time as an engaged couple. Go on trips, tell your engagement story, or have an engagement party. Just remember to cherish each other and this special time before you become man and wife.