The Ring – The Ultimate Wedding Symbol

The wedding ring is used as a symbol for eternal union between husband and wife and while it is actually a modern thing for men, it was given to women for centuries now. The origin of wearing wedding rings for men may have started during the Second World War where soldiers would wear rings to remind them of their beloved. Today the exchanging of ring became and still is a great wedding symbol.

In the past, people used to believe that bad luck comes with rings except they be made in gold. But now a lot of couples have more options when choosing what kind of ring to use during their grand day. And so the tradition of exchanging rings has endured despite all the myths and superstitions that came along with it.

When buying a ring, the first thing to put to mind is the ring size. You have to take note that in different times during the day our ring size may vary. The finger is usually a bit bigger in the morning or when it is cold. The best way to measure your ring size is under normal temperature.

The trend for most women today is to wear their engagement ring with their wedding ring. If this is the case with you, keep in mind that both rings should complement each other or else they will not look good or even fit when you wear them together in your finger.

The three common shapes for the engagement ring are the flat band, the high-domed band, and the soft-rounded band. Finding the perfect wedding for you will be easier if you determine right away what shape of the engagement ring fits for you.

The width of both the wedding ring and the engagement ring should be considered aside from their shapes. The wedding ring should have a larger width than that of the engagement ring. If you want a wider ring, take note of the length of your fingers. If you have short fingers, drop the idea of wearing a ring with a larger width. This will make your finger look shorter.

After considering the shape and the size of the ring you want for your wedding, choose next whether you want gold, silver, or a platinum ring. If you go for a gold ring, you can also decide whether you want it white or yellow.