When Love Takes Wings

There Is Always A Beginning

We all know that before love, there should first, and always, be friendship. We need to have more to fall back on when our love for our mate seems to falter. By starting out slowly with our relationships, we can get to see which characteristics we appreciate in someone, and of course what might be lacking. Friends and soul mates come in many forms, yet again we need to gauge what sort of friends we are first.

Maybe friendship is all we should strive for with some people, and that’s OK too. True friends are worth their weight in gold and are they type we should always strive for in all of our relationships, however, there are times when mere acquaintances are the most we can achieve with some folks. So it is strongly suggested that by maintaining at a realistic and honest pace with our intimate relationships, we can avoid emotional and sometimes even physical hardship. As we get to know our friends, and times passes, more will be revealed whether or not we want to face the reality of what we have.

Time And Again Change Comes

I just want to remind you that time, and our universe with its infinite wisdom and energy, has changed. The energy is telling us even more now, to make better choices in all areas of our life; including intimate matters. The more we patiently persevere in all that we do, especially choosing our life mate, the better and easier it will be to spot the better choices for us. We will better understand that we shouldn’t attempt to make something out of nothing as we clearly see what we each have to offer one another in a friendship.

We’ve come to understand that love is sweeter when cultivated. Even if it’s with a current friend or mate, and we decide that we want to give it a second or even third chance; we will understand what didn’t work the time before and how much do we really want this person to remain in our life and we should even consider if they want to remain with us. However, when we first are blessed with the realization that we just seem to click with our new friend, we still need to go even further to see how they react when all isn’t in their favor and there is a difference of opinion, or when we encounter other friends when we are together. Our former lover might appear to be a bit jealous when they encounter us, and it can be clearly felt between us both and that’s ok, too.

More Will Be Revealed

We will hold our ground and believe that we can help others understand how much we respect and like them, although this person with us is our new and special friend. We won’t walk away from our new friend and have a private conversation with our former lover. That would cause a certain amount of insecurity in our new friend and rightly so. You might find yourself having to overly defend your actions with the choice you made in stepping away to chat with the other person. I mean, it is just not worth it in the end; if you truly want that relationship to grow and strengthen between the two of you.

Just try to remain honest, above all else, in all that you do to and for your new friend. As the seasons change, so does our opportunities. So, don’t be afraid not to commit so quickly, for fear that you will lose your chance with this fantastic person. If they are meant for you, they will remain and if not; than let them go. That only means that they aren’t the one. Patience grasshopper!

Relax and enjoy your life with your family and your long time and new friends. Do yourself a huge favor and hold up on the intimacies. It only makes them want you more and also makes for even better communication as well as commitment between the two of you. There could be a strong change that one or the both of you would rather keep on looking elsewhere. No matter what the reason for your not continuing together, it just might be that you both are only to be friend and nothing more. Because you didn’t give the better part of yourself to them early on; the adventure continues and so do you.