How to Survive Love at a Distance

With people going on more and more foreign holidays and travelling or moving abroad for work, it’s become much more likely to meet true love in a distant country. While a long distance relationship may not be everyone’s cup of tea, couples who endure the distance and separation speak of the physical distance drawing them closer together and strengthening their relationship. But how do they make it work? Thankfully, technology has made it easier to be romantically involved with someone on the other side of the world. Next time you meet someone abroad, don’t shrug it off and embrace the opportunity to be together, even if it means less physical contact.

A common worry for people embarking on a long distance relationship is exactly that – the lack of physical contact. To clarify, we’re not just talking about the bedroom department, but rather the sense of being with someone, holding hands and cuddling, exchanging kisses, essentially, just having the freedom of doing that whenever and wherever you want to. What you need to think about to banish these worries is the rush of emotions you’ll experience the next time you’ll be able to spend time with your loved one. If physical contact is a daily occurrence, it becomes less meaningful and almost routine. Experiencing this less often leads to a heightened level of excitement, a feeling that many people in long distance relationships sing praise for.

Fear of boredom is another scapegoat. Those used to having someone by their side feel like they’re doing something valuable with their time even if it’s just lying on the sofa snuggled up next to their partner. It’s great to spend time together, go out for meals and other adventures, but what you have to remember is that that’s also what friends are for. Couples seldom think about how much time they’re actually dedicating to each other and whether they might be neglecting their friends. So don’t sit at home sulking about your faraway lover, just go on living your life. It’s important not to feel jealous of each other if one or the other has a more active social life. Just strike the balance between evenings spent with friends and evenings spent with your other half chatting away online or on the phone.

To avoid losing the spark in your life, set yourselves small challenges. Arrange to put away a certain amount of money each month towards your travel fund. This small gesture could mean you can afford to see each other more often. While it probably seems easiest to just visit each other, why not meet half way or in a more exotic location? Being on holiday in a foreign place will make your reunion ever the more memorable and emotional as you live through new experiences together.

While the internet is there to help you weather the distance on a daily basis, remember the more traditional method of keeping in touch that is the post. Express yourself on paper and send a sincere letter to your partner or, even better, use a parcel service to deliver a box of treats, photos or other little gifts.

You see, long distance relationships can last. When you’re feeling down about it, think of all those who make it work when one half is away at war. That’s inspiring romance in its purest form!