How to Tell If Your Long Distance Relationship Will Work

When starting a long distance relationship, people have all sorts of worries, questions, and concerns. A big question, generally from day one, is whether or not you can make this work. The answer to that question depends on you, your partner, and a few key issues.

Here are a few ways to see if your relationship is going in the right direction or not.

Take inventory of the person you’re considering.

If they struggle to keep commitments, big or small (like calling you back at a specified hour or coming for that visit they always promise), they will probably struggle to maintain the type of relationship you need and deserve.

However, if this prospect has earned your trust through keeping commitments, they are more likely to be the type who can contribute to making a long distance relationship work.

Honestly think about your prior contact and whether it was quality or was full of red flags.

If your communication up to this point has been good, open, clear, and honest, chances are that will continue into the relationship. In long distance love, communication is vital, and since you don’t get to see each other in person every day, you need to be clear and open with each other. If you have that built when heading into a long distance relationship, yours is much more likely to succeed than those who struggle to communicate.

Make sure this person has the qualities you are seeking in a partner.

When relationships are over distances, sometimes it can be difficult to keep putting in maximum effort for the long haul if you’re not fully committed. If the person has the types of qualities you seek, it’s much easier to maintain commitment and effort than if the person isn’t up to par with your expectations. Nobody is perfect mind you, but there are people that are closer to “perfect for you” than others.

If you see the lack of some of these qualities up front, it doesn’t necessarily make him or her a bad person, just be aware that it isn’t likely to change and it’s either something you’ll have to deal with, or you can move on. Only you can make the decision whether you can take it or leave it. Just be sure to be honest with yourself as to how you really feel about it and then take action accordingly. You’ll be glad you took a stand.

Lastly, remember that the success of the relationship depends on you and your partner.

If you’re both dedicated and committed to do what it takes to make it work, nothing can stop you from succeeding and having a whole, complete, and fulfilling long distance relationship.