Long Distance Relationships Do Work – If You’re Willing to Work Too!

Think about this-even 10 or 15 years ago, long-distance relationships were fully dependent on telephone calls (usually from a landline!) or letters…not email, but old-fashioned snail mail. Isn’t it crazy to think of how far we’ve come?

In the past, this may have felt more like a burden, but with all our technology and communication nowadays, distance love is not only possible, it is even enjoyable!

Because of technology tools (like Facebook, instant messaging, cell phones with unlimited minutes,Skype, etc.), long distance relationships are working these days, and really well. Not only can you call or text your partner almost anytime, but you can see them through video chat. And, if you work an office job or are online a lot, you can stay in almost constant communication! That takes a lot of the strain out of this type of connection, because even though you are not together in person, you can still feel like you are close to your partner.

So if you’re wondering if a long distance relationship can work, the answer is a resounding yes!

Just yesterday, I spoke with my neighbor, who met her now husband in Texas 30 years ago. He left the state and they had first friendship, then courtship, and eventually marriage…all through letters!

“When we got married,” she said, “we really only knew each other from letters. We didn’t have the fancy stuff you have today where you can actually see each other; we just used our imaginations. So, if we could do it without even seeing each other, you guys have it made!”

She’s right. If they can do it with plan old letters, just think of what is possible today with the technology we have!

Contrast what my neighbors had with today’s long distance relationships! You get to see each other, hear each other, and communicate almost all the time, which makes the distance so much easier to bear. A big key in any relationship, distance or not, is communication, and thanks to today’s tools, contact is easier than it’s ever been.

Still, all these great tools don’t guarantee the success of distance love. The only chance of success can come from both partners putting in equal amounts of trust, communication, acceptance, and a willingness to change for the betterment of each other and the bond.

So don’t worry on whether long distance relationships work, just put the effort in and you’ll get enjoyment out!