Does He LOVE Me? The Secret to Finding Your Soulmate (And the Weird Reason Most Never Do)

How do I know if he really loves me? Is there a sign, a secret or a an easy way to REALLY know how he feels, without having to beg for answers?

Here is the thing:

With all of the high profile men in the news who have been caught cheating, and HUMILIATING their wives, girlfriends and “soul mates” in recent weeks and months, there are literally millions of women walking around right now trying to decide if they can really trust their man.

After all… if Governors, Congressman and celebrities can consistently embarrass their women, knowing full well that they could get caught at any moment, what stops relatively anonymous men from “claiming” to be faithful, yet doing sneaky stuff on the side.

Here is EXACTLY what you can do to find out… and it’s going to sound “strange” to some of you, but it really WORKS amazingly well, and always WILL:

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Or said differently, there are NO accidents. Everything happens for a reason, and the relationships you choose are no different. Each of us has a soul mate that we are born to be with, AND a soul group that we are meant to learn from. (Your soulmate is your true spiritual partner, and your soul group are the MANY people that are in your life, for good and for bad, that you are here to learn from, teach and grow through your mutual experiences together)

Most of us marry, or waste YEARS of our lives with someone in our “group” but never realize that our soulmate has been close by, and right there all along.

It sounds complex… but it’s really not, as just about every relationship you have in your life right now serves SOME sort of purpose… even the one ‘s that are destructive, depressing and ultimately disappointing.

Becoming enlightened, however… to your TRUE purpose, and your authentic plan, is a GREAT way to find the PASSION, and the spiritual partner that so many of us so desperately crave. Often, the simple act of discovering that ONE person who you know in the deepest part of your heart and soul is just RIGHT, is the moment that everything in your life finally falls into perfect place.

And speaking to someone who can see that, and who has the “gift”, in my own journey of romantic and relationship ups and downs… has made an incredible and amazing difference, both in LOVE and in life! (and so TOO will it be magical for you!)