How To Attract Men The Confident Way

I don`t know about you, but I remember being in my teens and thinking that the way to attract men – or boys in those days – was to wear as much make up as possible and laugh loudly at everything they said. Needless to say that I was single for most of my teenage years.

I either wore the wrong clothes, said the wrong thing or acted in a strange way – I was not popular with the guys.

In my twenties, my social life hadn`t improved much and I decided that the way to attract men was to appear mysterious and unavailable. As I was not either of these things, I must have come across as being slightly deranged as I lurked in the periphery of gatherings peering out of my fringe. It didn`t help that I suffered from crippling shyness that caused my voice to rise an octave whenever a man spoke me.

It seemed to me that men were an entirely different species and the art of seduction was an alien concept. The problem was not so much as attracting a man, it was what to do and say once we were talking. I was clueless and embarrassed and it showed, I blushed furiously whenever I liked a man, which made it all the more of a problem as everyone knew that I liked him. Which just isn`t on!

Now, as a mature – and happily married woman – of some years, I can look back on my earlier woes with a smile. However, at the time it was no laughing matter and I would have done almost anything to have been one of the popular girls. The type that the boys wanted to date.

I now see that my problem was two-fold and that being is possession of one solution without the other, would have been of little use.

The two things that I was missing, was:

* Confidence

* Knowledge

It`s alright to have a healthy dose of confidence and great self-esteem, but without the knowledge of how to attract men, you can come across as arrogant and full of your own importance.

On the other hand, if you know the best way to attract men, but you don`t have the confidence to execute the strategy, you won`t even get off the starting block.

And so you see, one is no good without the other.

Having confidence in yourself, means believing that you are pretty terrific. Not in an arrogant way, but knowing that you`re a good friend, a great daughter, a trustful person etc. Once you know, with absolute certainty that you`re special, you will also know that you deserve to attract men – great men – and that they will want to be with you.

Knowing how to attract men is easy once you have the correct information. It`s the little things that are important:

* Make them feel special

* Pay them small compliments to massage their ego

* Be interesting, by developing your circle of friends and your social life

* Know the type of man you are looking for and start going to the places where they like to hang out

* Become interested in what they like so that you can hold a conversation about their favorite topic.

* Show that you`re independent and popular and that any man would be lucky to date you

* Always have a ready smile, so that if he is shy, you will seem friendly and approachable.

There are SO many more steps to tell you, but the ones I have given you are a great place to start.