Secret of Sending Love Message Using Your Mind

Do you know the secrets behind the communication that goes between two opposite sex? Have you been wondering how you can send the message of your heart to the one you dream of without the actual physical contact?

You have to know before anything else that you have that power in you that you physical being is hindering you from seeing the true potential you have. You will now be shown how the actual communication takes place.

Firstly, there are two types of wave energy sending.

i. One Way

ii. Two Way

i. One Way

The one way wave energy sending is when a male or a female sends message in the form of energy with the specification that spells out the need for another male or female. The specifications stating what sort of a person he or she needs are programmed in the wave. It does not have to be exact though. When that wave is released into the environment by the subconscious, it tries to match the wave to the specified program. As soon as a probable match is identified the subconscious mind goes through the process of creating situations that attracts the other person’s conscious mind like the magnet that attracts to create a reply. Situations are also created where the person responding is seen or heard by the wave sender. In one way or the other an initial contact is made to approve or disapprove by the conscious mind.

If the mind is happy with the initial contact the subconscious is given the approval to go ahead and create the Occasion to Meet. If it is disapproved the subconscious goes out again and release the energy wave. So the process continues until the process ends with the goal achieved. However, this process will not end if the subconscious mind is bombarded with other messages or goals sent by the conscious mind. The situation is created if the subconscious mind is continually given the same message to go out and look for the partner.

ii. Two Way

This type of energy wave sending is like two messages sent from both directions. It can be said that they are of the same frequency and magnitude. When these energy signals are sent, they are programmed with similarities. The waves when released in the air is easy to attract to each other because the magnetic field of both are so strong when they come into close proximity of each other.

This situation ends in the notion of Love at First Sight. They just hit it off as soon as they see or hear each other. The waves tend to merge into one wave so the communication between the two subconscious flows. Two way systems are done at the subconscious mind level. It is the communication between the two subconscious minds.

Either way the subconscious mind creates situations for the male or female to meet. It follows the law that is already set by God that the two shall become one. It is the programming contained in the wave that finds which person to make contact with.

Your desire or love for someone is no different from these principles. You have the power of your mind that is at hand to utilize. There is no need for you to go out and try your best to attract but doing all sorts of good things to attract attention. You can just sit right in your room and use your mind to send the energy wave so that your subconscious will go out and create the situation for you.

Nothing is impossible. It needs your concentration and approval for the subconscious mind to go out and create the situations. One thing that you should remember is that, as soon as the situation to make contact is created by the subconscious act quickly. You need to receive what you asked for. If this means offering help to the person you admire or smiling or anything that is a first contact. When you have made the first contact, continue to dwell on the emotion that you have for that person. In no time both of you shall become one.