Male Engagement Ring – A Token of Love and Admiration

Various cultures and religions all over the world sanction intimate relationship between a man and a woman through the institution of marriage. Human history in general have depended upon this institution in the perpetration of society, since, obviously, the success of the family as a basic social unit also depends upon successful marriages. As a social union that creates and enforces both rights and obligations between two individuals of the opposite sex, it is indeed a pillar of the society as a whole. The way by which such a union between a man and a woman is accomplished varies across different cultures, but the foundations of a man-woman relationship is basically the same the world over. It all starts with the expectation that each party to the marriage is going to cherish the other with love, fidelity, loyalty, and care. Apart from these, each expect the other for legal, social, emotional, as well as material support, catering to feelings of importance and being special in each others sight.

Prior to the marriage itself is the stage of engagement by which two people having the intention to live with each other for the rest of their lives through marriage shows such a commitment. This is symbolized by engagement rings, which a man and a woman present to each other as an endorsement of such a commitment. Typically, however, it is the man who generally presents a ring to a woman, but there are instances that it is the woman who presents to a man a male engagement ring. This practice can usually be observed in South Asian countries and within the context of marriages that are pre-arranged by the groom and bride’s parents.

Taking the religious dimensions of marriage, most people all over the world consider this man-woman union as a divine institution that have been blessed by no less than God right after He created the beautiful relationship between Himself and the man and woman. As it is marriage is the most beautiful and fulfilling of the intimate relationships that a human being can ever have with a fellow human of the opposite sex because it brings with it the assurance that there is somebody out there to cherish and take care of you for the rest of your life. Thus, the vow of being with each other through thick and thin till “death do us part”.

By convention, marriage proposals are generally initiated by men, but there is a growing trend where both men and women propose a marriage. Although it is not the typical scenario, neither is it uncommon that a woman, in proposing to a man, presents him with a male engagement ring. In fact, a survey indicates that as much as forty eight percent of women are more than willing to propose marriage to their men. On the other hand, eight percent of men are happy to wear engagement rings from their women. This trend indicates that more and more women are now being liberated from the limitations that conventions impose upon their major life decisions, including those decisions as serious as looking for the right marriage partner. This is only right. After all, if women could successfully tackle the role of a champion athlete or a corporate CEO, then why shouldn’t they be allowed the right of proposing to a man with a male engagement ring?