Relationship Secrets – Step One in Dominating Your Love and Your Life

The first step in becoming a man who commands attention, respect and attraction from women and the world is handling yourself. Do you think she wants a man who is a victim? Who whines about the things that go wrong? Who gets frustrated with her when she doesn’t act exactly the way he expected?

Truth is you don’t want to be that guy, either. But nobody gave you the map. Until now.

Think of it like boot camp. Before sending soldiers out to face the enemy, they are given extensive training. And in the first part of that training, the soldier is challenged to conquer himself:

  • Stand at attention even when it is uncomfortable.
  • Endure a man shouting disrespectful, unflattering remarks in your face and don’t get embarrassed, don’t get mad, don’t react. Instead maintain yourself and bark back “Yes, sir!” with conviction.
  • Engage in intense physical challenges that push your body to its limits and find the inner strength to keep going.

So, here we are at phase one of the plan to get some control, some sanity, some direction back into your life and relationship. Welcome to boot camp, soldier. A long line of amazing men has been in your shoes for centuries into the past. You have the advantage of their sacrifice, their struggle, their wisdom. You will carry on that proud tradition.

There are three parts of learning to dominate yourself. But in practice it will really just break down into a single daily practice. I’ll give you the parts first and then we’ll talk about the daily practice. The three parts are…

  1. Accepting the reality of who you are now. Before moving ahead, you have to face where you are.
  2. Facing judgment and negative outcomes. Doing stuff will always result in bad stuff coming your way. Realizing that’s not personal is a challenge. Think of it as bugs on the windshield that prove that you are moving ahead.
  3. Making decisions with limited information. Truth is you gotta keep moving. You can only pull over and consult the map so much before you have to just take the exit and find out where it goes. There’s gonna be construction. The GPS sometimes won’t have the latest updates. The important thing is keep moving forward. Whatever happens, handle it like a soldier. Eventually, you might even get to like the detours life throws your way.

Okay. That’s the challenges. Now for the simple daily practice. This is gonna sound too simple, but it can change your life. It did mine. Here it is:

Do four things every day that you don’t want to do.

Every day they will be different. Maybe mow the lawn. Maybe call the electric company and negotiate a payment schedule. Maybe eat a bowl of brussel sprouts.

I know what you are thinking. I do that stuff already. I know you do. But now as you do it, feel the power you have to do things you don’t like. Try to realize that with time, this will give you the power to do anything.