10 Wedding Planning Steps For Newly Engaged Couples

Let’s Try Making This Process A Piece Of Cake With These Planning Tips:

1. Budging with the Budget:

Formulating and calculating your wedding budget is the first step in planning your wedding. Deciding the budget is certainly no child’s play. This process would include you and your parents, your fiancée and his/her parents. Be ready for all types of arguments, discussions and negotiations.

TIP: To make this process easier is to sit down with your family, fiancée and his/her respective family and figure out:

a) Who is contributing?

b) How much is being contributed from each family?

c) Details and ceremonies that the bride and groom to be want to include in their wedding.

Come up with the total of your Budget, keeping the above factors in mind.

2. Vision to Mission Wedding:

Every couple has a certain vision and dream as to the way they want their wedding to be organized. Now is the time where all your dream wedding sequences can be put into reality in sync with your budget.

Make a list of all the details, ceremonies, theme, favours, customs you want to include in your wedding program.

3. Researching:

This is the most important and may be time-consuming step. A lot goes into researching. You may ask what I should research for. The answer is below

a) Wedding planner:

Some are of the view that wedding planners are afforded by few. This perception is wrong. Today wedding planners work and charge according to the budget of your wedding and hence they have now become affordable to hire.

To find the perfect wedding planner for your event research for them on internet, blogs and website or may be someone who was a planner in your friend’s wedding. Hire the one that fits your budget and understands your vision and concept of your wedding.

b) Photographer:

You sure can’t leave the pictures to be taken for the most important day of your life, on your relatives and friends. These pictures and videos are going to go down in your memory lane so make sure you research well about the photographer and then hire him.

Please discuss their terms, conditions and charges.

TIP: Check their Portfolio, Bio, Website and blogs before you finalize them.

4. Create your Planning Folder:

A wedding magazine, article, Décor photos, some wedding outfit pictures, invitation cards, save the date cards that have inspired you or that you want to be included in your, stick them up in your folder that would be helpful for the planner to execute your imagination.

5. Execution Of Plans:

Now that your list of ceremonies, functions, theme, guests is ready its time that you hand it over to your wedding planner. Give them the clear picture of your plan and expectations and they shall carry out the same efficiently.

Here you will have to accompany them during the selection of your wedding venue, caterers and décor.

6. Arranging Your Guests Stay:

Making your guests comfortable should be the topmost priority in hospitality section. You may have decided on a destination wedding or maybe it is in the same city. But you will have guests coming in from different cities, so it is important that you arrange their stay, food and transport.

Book a hotel or resort close to your wedding venue as this would make it easier to commute on the day of your wedding.

7. Sending Out The Save The Date Cards:

The first lot of these cards should be sent to your VIP’s and Busy Bee’s so that they can reserve themselves for your function. You can get many creative ideas from your planner or internet. These cards could be sent via an email or through courier. These cards should be sent out at least 4-6 months in advance.

8. Invitation Cards:

There are so many talented invitation designers available for designing your wedding invitation card. If you think you have an artistic hand, you could design this yourself.

Provide the designs to the Printer way in advance and make sure you get the delivery on time.

Send the invitations out a month or two in advance.

9. Wedding Dress And Trousseau:

An Indian wedding is incomplete without the heavy wedding dress and trousseau. Be it the bride’s Saree or the groom’s Tuxedo suit, today all want to opt for a designer outfit for their big day.

If you have a designer then providing them the pictures from your planning folder and concept would solve your purpose. Go for your designer outfit selection at least 4-6 months in advance as this could take some time.

Once your outfit is ready have a trial or two so that you know how the final product looks like.

10. Reception:

For those who want to throw a reception party, Make sure you have mentioned this out to your guests in the invites. Reception party may be on the day of your wedding or on some later day. It could be in the same hall or in a different. Hence plan when, where and how you want your reception party to be organised.