A Short Gift Giving Guide for Catholic Weddings

It may seem as though fewer and fewer couples are getting married in the church, but that isn’t exactly the case. Actually, the number of Catholics getting married in the church is statistically about the same as it has been over the past few generations. However, the declining number of Catholics attending Mass has been declining. With that said, the number of marriages taking place within the Catholic church remains at just over 2/3 with another 6% having their secular marriage blessed by a priest at a later date. Therefore, it is important to understand that the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony is still very much recognized by practicing Catholics and that’s why it is important to think about appropriate wedding gifts for newlyweds.


Leave the Appliances and Housewares for the Showers

If you are thinking in terms of getting them something useful for their home, perhaps you should remember that the bride-to-be was given a lovely bridal shower recently. Gifts like dishes, small appliances and housewares are the traditional kinds of gifts given for those occasions. When it comes to finding the right gift for a wedding, unless the couple has specified in a wedding registry that they are still in need of some of those things, you might want to consider a different kind of Catholic wedding gift.

Blessings for the Newlyweds

You might want to talk to the couple in the weeks leading up to their nuptials. If they have yet to find a Unity Candle, that might be the perfect wedding gift. It is something they will light during the Mass as a symbol of two families coming together as one. Both the bride and the groom light a smaller candle and together they light the one, central Unity Candle, which they will keep always as a reminder of this special day. It is typically placed in a common area of their home where they, and anyone entering the home, can view it and say a silent prayer for the blessing of this union.

Statues, Icons, and Crucifixes

The one thing that sets Catholics apart from Protestants is the figure of Christ on the cross. Most devout Catholic homes have a crucifix hung over the main door of the home and again one in the master bedroom. Not only is this a sign of their faith but it is a daily reminder to thank God for all He has done for this family and the entire world. Sometimes a small statue or bas-relief wall hangings of the Holy Family make lovely gifts as well. Even a picture of the Holy Family makes a nice wedding gift, and sometimes a picture frame with the Holy Family featured on the frame. A wedding photo can be placed in the frame. What a lovely and prayerful way to display the picture.

Since the couple chose to get married in the church, this is a sign that their Catholic faith is important to them. Giving them a sacred gift will further emphasize and bless their faith as Catholics. It could be something as simple as a wedding crucifix to hang in their bedroom or a small statue of the Sacred Heart to place on their mantel. If you are looking to bless their union, a sacred gift blessed by the priest would always make the ideal offering as something both of this world and the world to come.