Guide On How To Add A Train To A Wedding Dress

The wedding dress train came into style in 1870. There are two types of trains: long and short. The long train is a symbol of status and the longer it is, the higher the stature. A short train on the other hand is ideal when you don’t want to have trouble when dancing.

While many of the current gowns come with in-built trains, vintage outfits usually lack the units. This means that if you want your outfit to have the train you have to add it into your gown.

How to add the train to your wedding dress

The first thing you need to do is to choose the right train length and style. The lengths range from discreet brush and court lengths which are short, to regal cathedral and royal lengths which are long and extend up to 10 feet behind the gown’s waist.

Once you have settled on the ideal length to go with, you should buy a material that is ideal for you. If you are going to undertake an outdoor wedding you should go for a lightweight material such as tulle and lace. If you are going to have an indoor wedding, you should go for a heavier material such as satin.

When buying the material, you should ensure that it’s of the desired length and width. You should remember to include 1 foot for sewing slack. You should also buy white hook and eye closures or button loops.

Depending on the style of train that you want, you should cut the fabric into either flared shape or teardrop. You should then sew a ½-inch hem on each side.

Once the train is in good condition you should identify the best place to attach it. If your outfit has a gathered waist, you should place the train behind the hemline below the bodice. If your outfit has an empire waist you should place the train at the mid-back of the dress.

For a close-fitted mermaid outfits you should attach the train below the hips. If your dress is contemporary you should attach the train at the top edge or at the back of the bodice.

After attaching, you should sew a row of eye closures or button loops using a needle and thread.


This is what you need to know about wedding dress trains. When attaching the train you should be cautious of damaging your dress. For ideal results you should take the outfit to a professional to make it for you.