How to organize a gay wedding in Italy

If you are thinking of getting married in Italy and yours will be an equal gender wedding, in addition to having a valid gay wedding planner you need to know a few things about this country. First of all, gay marriage has become a real and recognized reality even in Italy now. There couldn’t be a more romantic and wonderful place to start your new life with your partner, regardless of whether or not you are of the same sex. There are many surprising locations to choose from, such as Rome, as Italy is becoming popular for gay weddings. But isn’t there something wrong? Here are some questions to consider. Where is the ideal place that best suits your style? What kind of ceremony do you prefer: small, charming and intimate or a glamorous and festive celebration with many friends and family?

What do you need to know for the civil ceremony and how should you best organize your reception afterwards? Read below for suggestions and information that will remind you to choose the perfect venue (there are many!) And the wedding that will make you the most significant day of your lifeā€¦ again and again! Getting married in Italy might seem complicated (certainly not as easy as doing it in Las Vegas), but in reality it takes some necessary documents to obtain and some steps to follow to get to the wedding day.

Once the bureaucratic part is finished, happily organize a gay dream wedding in truly enchanting places. The applicable law on marriages is the same throughout Italy, but it is always better to contact the municipality of the city where you want to get married before starting the procedure. You will need these important documents, such as a valid passport, the birth certificate is proof of the termination of any previous marriages, if applicable.

With the Sworn Declaration, you create a document by which it is asserted that there is no legal impediment to marriage under the law. Once you have all the documents, you can make your birth declaration. This is the last step before saying your “YES”. You will need to present all the documents listed above to the Civil Unions office of the town hall in the city where the wedding will be celebrated. Here you will set the data of the Civil Union. Taxes must be paid to the city hall depending on the city, each with their own rates.

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